Configure navigation position, size, and the site’s color scheme in the preview! A new “Configure” sidebar makes it dead simple to preview different navigation and color schemes on every page! Dashkit is a simple and beautiful admin template with tons of flexible components, every one designed to be harmonious and coded to be combined into beautiful applications. What’s new? Icon-size sidebar navigation Inverted and vibrant color schemes for all nav variants Kanban task components and layout Social feed components and layout Sparklines Stylized maps via Mapbox Highlights: Dark mode converts the entire theme into an inverted color scheme 5 site navigation layouts and 3 distinct navigation color schemes Customization made easy with extensive use of SASS variables Gulp tools for easy development and production compiling Layout variants + core example pages + auxiliary pages (sign up, sign in, error, settings, etc) add up to 100+ pages Beautiful Cerebri Sans font provided for free! (Generously provided by the incredibly talented Alfredo Marco Pradil). Customized Charts.js for consistent, usable charts and tooltips Functional search, sorting, and filtering using List.js Styled WYSIWYG editor, datepicker, input masking, multiselect and file management for rich, but easy to create forms. Built on the latest version of Bootstrap (4.3.1) Fully responsive on all modern/supported browsers Documentation on extended and new components Components + Pages: All of Bootstrap’s core components fully customized to match Dashkit’s style Line charts Bar charts Donut charts Sparklines 3 user card variants 3 project card variants 3 team card variants 2 file card variants 4+ stat card variants Toggles (work like native checkboxes) Date picker Multiselect File uploader with drag and drop (single and multi file) WYSIWYG editor Input masking for currency, phone numbers, dates, etc. Page header with variants with buttons, tabs, avatars, cover images, and more! Extensible animated sidebar built on Bootstrap’s native modals. Avatars in multiple sizes and shapes, plus status indicators, groups, and initials Flexible “social post” including user actions and comments Integrated Feather icon font 6 Dashboard variants Profile page with tabs for posts, teams, projects files, subscribers. Team page with tabs for overview, projects, and members, as well a a “create a team” page Projects page with tabs for overview, files, and reports, as well a a “create a project” page Settings page Orders page Invoice page Pricing page Social feed page Platform feed page 3x Sign up variants 3x Sign in variants 3x Forgot password variants 2x Error pages …and tons more